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A toast- to love and it's fruits! Today is Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wisdom Lesson 101


Have a dream, have a vision; but don't build on faulty expectations- why set yourself up for disappointments?





This is how to know when you have truly forgiven a person- When you can pray for them like you would pray for yourself

<p>Oluwarenike Olufon


...I just can't get enough of Him

I feel jellies in my tummy when I realize how great his affections are for me! I wanna screeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

He loves us guys, period.


What Are You Made Of?


Whilst the devil keeps pouring out hate, you keep pouring back love; because whilst the devil is made of hate, you are made of love.

<p>Oluwarenike Olufon #Jesusbaby



In the midst of life's chaos, God is my sanity

<p>Oluwarenike Olufon- His baby


The Strength in Your Pain


Where do our strength lie? In our trials, in our pain...
If only we knew, we would look beyond the pain, find strength in yesterday's glories and then face the day
You shall overcome you know...?

This is an unavoidable exam, it's a fixed match, the end is predetermined and you already won.

For "... we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37


Forgive, it just might come in handy


If you live a life of unforgiveness, how do you expect to be forgiven?

#we are all in need of love, so don't fail to give love when you can.

<p>Jesus' Baby


Rejoice! For He Won It Already


Baby, you're gonna go through trials, but that is when you'll know your strength in Him.

Rejoice, my love, for Jesus won it already.
I love you


<p>Oluwareni Olufon


Smile Through the Pain


Smile through the pain, because we have an expected end.

<p>Oluwarenike Olufon


The Vow


I promise to catch you when you fall

<p>Morenike Olufon


He Still Loves Me - Beyonce



Love is Constant


Everything changes but Love
Love is constant.
As the sun in the sky and the moon in the night, Love is.
Love weathers the storm,
Love covers all wrong,
Love remains the same yesterday, today and forever.

<p>Miss Arenike Olufon; OmoJesu


The Power of Love - A Gift Of God


I don't know anything more humbling than loving someone who doesn't love you back; and still you love them anyway.
Trust me, it is a gift of God.
#learn-to-love-like-Jesus (It is a gift of God)

<p>Miss Morenike Olufon


Impatience & Fear- Kim Walker Smith




No one deserves to be undeserving of love and forgiveness.



Questions For The Doubting by Morenike Olufon


Have you ever wondered what would have been if David never killed Goliath?
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Moses was never put in a basket?
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Joseph never took in Mary?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Deborah never went to battle?
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Esther never took the chance?
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Jesus never died?
Have you ever?

Sometimes you don't look, you just TRUST.




With Jesus, you will always have the last laugh.



I am a Lawyer, Jesus is My Advocate and God is The Judge


I am a Lawyer, Jesus is My Advocate and God is The Judge
Who are you to be the judge in your own cause?
Talk less of being the judge in another's cause?
Pay attention and see, we have all been wrong, He did it for you?, He will surely do it for us.
Remember when He said that "There is a time for everything"? Our time will come,and What a glorious day it will be,
To know that our sins are forgiven and all our fears erased, to know that we are welcome with open arms- What a glorious day it will be
God loves the outcasts, yes He does, in-fact He says He will leave ninety-nine Saints just to be with one of us,
now imagine where there are thousands of us? He would leave a billion saints just to be with us.
To all my brothers and sisters, I want you to know that God loves you, and just like the Prodigal son, come home and
you would be welcome with open arms.


<p>by Morenike Omo-Jesu Olufon


Don't Judge, Love


Learn to live knowing that everyone is just as capable of doing right as he or she is capable of doing wrong. It is called hope, grace, forgiveness it is called love.
Love covers all wrong.
And hey if you have never been bad then 'you' are the exception but if not, then you are just as capable of good as you are of bad. Believe in the next person, the weather is never the same. Pray for me, pray for us. Will you please pray? #don't-judge-love

<p>Olufon Morenike


5 Keys To Identifying Your Soul Mate

Message from Pastor Toure Roberts


Lead Me To Jesus


After being saved you are supposed to help lead others to their salvation



It Is by Morenike Olufon


If our love is worth fighting for, I will wait for you
If our live is Heaven sent, I will wait for you
If our love is the lasting one, I will wait for you
If our love is true love, I will definitely wait for you.


The Love Star by Morenike Olufon


The Love Star
For those who care to listen,
Love is not blind Love is clear for all to see
In the midst of darkness, it shines bright
And it brings joy and hope to all

It is the entanglement of our hearts with peace
It is in our smile,
It is the most priced treasure we keep and give
It is the beginning of living
It is the beginning of loving

After the stormy rain and the scorching sun, you can be sure to find it - still 'Shining'
It is the Love Star, let it shine

28 Jan 04:43am 2014


Be Faithful


You don't know when I'm coming so let your heart always be perfect towards me.

<p>Jesus's Baby- Morenike aka Oluwarenike Olufon


Every Praise

"Let every praise be to our God"

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